Industrias Saladillo S.A.

This is the division of Industrias Saladilloin charge of providing all the necessary support before, during and after your work to ensure the perfect functioning and extended product life of heating, drainage and water and gas distribution installations.

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Industrias Saladillo S.A.
Consulting services

Our team of professional technicians will give you relevant advice right from the design of the project, during the works and after they finish. They will visit you at the construction site or in the study to analyse each and every detail or need for its perfect functioning, extended product life and excellence in installation.

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Industrias Saladillo S.A.
Estimate of materials

In this department of Saladillo Technik, we will estimate everything for your project for free, so that you can optimize materials, hours of work and general costs.

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Industrias Saladillo S.A. Services free of charge

> Thermal estimate;
> Assembly Plans;
> Estimate of Materials;
> More

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Industrias Saladillo S.A.

Industrias Saladillo S.A. Charged services

> Manufacture of water tank
collectors upon request

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Industrias Saladillo S.A.