Industrias Saladillo S.A.


The only system of sewage and storm drains of exclusive corrugated design. Its high technology results in a drainage system of better resistance, lower cost and longer product life.
Made to be underground

It does not crush
Its high annular resistance, three times higher than PVC 3.2, prevents deformations during transport, stowage and installation. The Terra system is suitable for all types of terrains and significantly reduces the demands on the types of trench filling materials and their degree of compaction. (EN13476-1)


It does not collapse
Its corrugated design and the polypropylene elasticity modulus used in its manufacture gives it the necessary annular flexibility to absorb potential constant deformations of up to 30% without collapsing. (EN13476-1)

It does not break
The Terra pipes endure the impact produced during the filling of the trenches, without breaking or weakening. (EN744)


It does not leak
The mechanical and elastic features of the Terra pipes and their O'Ring union system by triple lip M.O.L. ensure the tightness of the underground lines, even in conditions of deformation and deflection.


In addition:
– They are 20% more economical
– 100% PVC-free


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