The Acustik drainage system combines the strength and robustness of cast iron, with the quick installation and unlimited durability of polypropylene.
Acustik is silent, reduces noise and does not propagate vibrations. A new design by O'Ring with German double lip by M.O.L. that generates double hermeticity, ensuring the total tightness of the system.
Industrias Saladillo
It is robust Its resistance was never seen before.

Acustik combines polypropylene copolymer with a mineral of high specific weight, from which very high density pipes and connections are manufactured. This, in addition to the greater thickness of the tubes and accessories, results in a high performance system and greater resistance to excessive transport, storage and installation as well as flexion and crushing.

Industrias Saladillo
Silent It generates more comfortable environments.

Acustik is the only drainage system with a level of noise propagation of only 15dB, which is imperceptible to the human ear, thus giving greater added value to its works where comfort is a priority, providing greater comfort and quality of life for its owners.

Industrias Saladillo
Unique It has the latest generation of M.O.L. O’Rings.

The new German double-lip O’Ring by M.O.L. is an absolute novelty in the market. For its assembly, it is not necessary to refine the male end of the tube, since it has a longer anterior lip and an angle of 45º that centers the tube at the time of assembly and provides multiple advantages.


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