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The system Hidroflex combines the excellent properties of cross-linked polyethylene pipes with the exceptional benefits of underfloor heating.Now, it is easier, faster and more economical to enjoy mild floors, uniform and healthy heating with a comparatively low consumption of energy.
The smartest choice for thought-outheating

The HidroFlex system consists of cross-linked polyethylene pipes, which, thanks to their light weight, excellent flexibility, optimal heat diffusion and low comparative cost, make HidroFlex PEX the most convenient pipes for the construction of radiating floors.

We add the following to the system: three different models of collectors with high performance polyamide or bronze bars, with 2 to 7 outflows. All these three models are assembled, tested and ready to be installed.


Industrias Saladillo S.A. The Hidroflex has every component necessary for the automation of the system, which helps to set the temperature of each room. This provides high comfort together with a very low consumption of energy.

Industrias Saladillo S.A.

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