Hidro 3 Aluminio

The Hidro 3 Aluminio pipes are the best choice for heating by radiators, available in the market ½in pairs, together with a large line of accessories, fittings and tools for its perfect installation and extended product life.
The cutting-edge technology applied to this system helps to provide excellent results. It is the best option to achieve maximum comfort in households.
Heating by radiators provide
maximum safety.
Industrias Saladillo S.A.

The Saladillo Hidro 3 Aluminio pipes ensure maximum protection against oxygen. Its inner aluminium layer acts as a barrier against oxygen preventing it from melting in the water of the heating circuit with the consequent corrosion of all the metallic components of the system, thus extending its product life.

Industrias Saladillo

It is malleable
The aluminium reduces the elastic memory. This feature helps the formation of curves with the same pipe. Therefore, parts are saved and fewer joints are needed.

Less expansion and contraction
Aluminium’s low coefficient of linear expansion gives the pipe a high dimensional stability against variations in water and/or environment temperature.


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