Coverthor - Hidro 3 Band

The thermal insulation Coverthor and Hidro 3 Bandoptimises the installation and extends their product life for new, pre-existing, embedded or outdoor installations.
Completely water-proof and steam-proof, they reduce thermal dissipation, prevent condensation, reduce expansion and contraction due to temperature changes. They also have low thermal conductivity and high thermal insulation power, enhancing the high performance of the installations.
Industrias Saladillo

Coverthor, thermal insulating covers for pipes, is a flexible closed-cell thermal insulation, totally water-proof and steam-proof, with very low thermal conductivity and high thermal insulation power.
The effectiveness of Coverthor - polyethylene foam - in the prevention of phenomena of thermal dissipation, heating, cooling and condensation, associated with water and heating installations, refrigeration and air conditioning is worldwide recognized.

Industrias Saladillo
Coverthor XT

Coverthor XT, thanks to its double aluminium foil, is the ideal cover for outdoor installations, resistant to ultraviolet radiation and totally water-proof and steam-proof, with high heat-insulating power and low thermal conductivity. The total protection of Coverthor XT prevents phenomena of UV photo-degradation, freezing, heating, thermal dissipation and condensation associated with plastic pipes exposed to the weather.

Industrias Saladillo
Hidro 3 Band

Saladillo Hidro 3 Band and Saladillo Hidro 3 Band XT, self-adhesive tapes, are ideal for the coating of new or operating installations, recessed or suspended in sight.


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