Valves PF

Valves PFconsists of a complete line of ball valves for external use, embeddable valves with a concealed control, embeddable valves with a handle and a stopcock. All of these are installed with the same reliability and extended product life as in all our products.
Industrias Saladillo
Ball valves

The exclusive design of these valves saves important installation costs because the male tubes and the sealing of the unions are no longer needed.
The best option. No doubts about it.

Industrias Saladillo

The PF stopcocks of progressive closure, which have an excellent finish and aesthetic details and come with a cap and a chrome rosette, are presented from 20 to 32mm.

  • Interchangeable handles for opening and closing, cold/hot
  • Quicker turn-on/turn-off
  • Reinforced seat
  • Flat O’Ring
  • Big brass stem
  • Elastic seal with high resistance to pressure
  • 50-year guarrantee

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