Hidro 3

Hidro 3 is an unalterable synthetic system, specially developed to run water and other fluids, at high temperatures and pressures, without corrosion, without inlays and in conditions of maximum safety, hygiene, economy and extended product life.

Hidro 3 pipes are manufactured by coextrusion. This exclusive process helps each of the three layers that make up the tube to be formulated to have three specific characteristics:

Inner layer
Industrias Saladillo S.A.

High running of fluids

Middle layer
Industrias Saladillo S.A.

High mechanical resistance

Outer layer
Industrias Saladillo S.A.

High resistance to the environment

The Hidro 3 system includes four pipe models, green (verde) for hot water, blue (azul) for cold water, Unifusión for hot and cold water, and all the fittings, accessories and tools necessary to meet the requirements of all the installations for water supply from 1/2 to 5” in diameter.

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