Quality policy

Industrias Saladillo S.A. has implemented the following Quality Policy: Industrias Saladillo S.A., as a whole and at all of its levels, is committed to develop, to maintain and to improve a Quality Management System that helps to achieve the following:

- Customers’ satisfaction as a priority for all its activities.
- Product and service quality through:
A) the most modern technological processes and
B) the development of innovating products. All of which as the safest and most efficient method to ensure the expected results.

- Continuous improvement as the personnel’s mindset, that ensures the company’s competitiveness through the manufactured products and the services provided to the customer.
- Training of Human Resources through a Development Plan, both in humanistic and professional terms, promoting efficiency and effectiveness in their activities, the creation of a favourable environment for teamwork and individual growth.
- The administration of precise and efficient communication with customers, suppliers and our own personnel, in order to participate in projects through a personalised care that inspires confidence and achieves the desired satisfaction.

Version: 04
Date: 22/02/17

Eduardo F. May


Certificates ISO 9001


Product certifications

In Industrias Saladillo, we strive to provide a top quality product. That is why our family of products is certified according to the highest standards for each use.

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Industrias Saladillo S.A.

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